Multiple Teams · Cross Teams Both Advance to Regional

On Saturday the SPXC teams competed in the Sectional meet against ten other schools. To qualify for the Regional Meet, you must be among the top-5 teams in the Sectional. Thanks to some smart racing and grit, both teams were able to finish among the top-5 and qualify for the Regional meet at Ben Davis next weekend.

The boys’ team was once again led by a strong race from Austin Rumley. Austin had a great start and battled well through the race to finished in 7th place. Karl Egold also had a strong start and found himself battling for a top-20 finish, crossing the line in 20th. Rounding out the scoring for the boys were Steven Schnepp, Dru Bottorff, and Andrew Carr. Thanks to their strong racing, the boys finished fifth and are able to advance to the next round.

The girls’ team had a challenging task of qualifying in part due to the loss of Lexi Vanihel. Lexi was out with an injury, but the other girls on the team rallied to make up for her loss. Chelsie Edwards led the way with a strong 11th place finish, and Lillie Stein battled hard to finish in 21st place. Samara Young really worked hard from start to finish to run as the number three girl on the team. Ally Nichols had an injury of her own to deal with, and she refused to drop out of the race in order to help the girls’ team. Rachel Jones was the final scorer of the girls’ team, and she stepped up with a huge race. Thanks to everyone stepping up and racing well, the girls were able to pull off a 4th place finish.

The Regional meet will be held at Ben Davis High School on Saturday, Oct. 14 at 10:00 AM.

Boys’ Team Scores: 1st- Avon (39), 2nd- Brownsburg (49), 3rd- Plainfield (91), 4th- Danville (100), 5th- South Putnam (123), 6th- Cascade (188), 7th- Greencastle (208), 8th- North Putnam (221), 9th- Cloverdale (231), 10th- Tri-West Hendricks (256), Bethesda Christian (incomplete)

Girls’ Team Scores: 1st- Brownsburg (21), 2nd- Plainfield (69), 3rd- Avon (77), 4th- South Putnam (130), 5th- Cascade (139), 6th- Greencastle (148), 7th- Danville (184), 8th- Tri-West Hendricks (203), 9th- North Putnam (212), Bethesda Christian and Cloverdale (incomplete)

Individual Results:

Austin Rumley- 7th, 17:48

Karl Egold- 20th, 18:28

Steven Schnepp- 25th, 18:48

Dru Bottorff- 35th, 19:32

Andrew Carr- 36th, 19:44

Michael Crossman- 38th, 19:49


Chelsie Edwards- 11th, 21:46

Lillie Stein- 21st, 22:56

Samara Young- 27th, 23:34

Ally Nichols- 36th, 24:40

Rachel Jones- 39th, 24:54

Ally Menke- 49th, 27:07

Addi Blaydes- 61st, 30:10