Multiple Teams · Volleyball Loses to Northview

South Putnam fell to Northview in three sets with the scores of 10-25, 12-25, 6-25.

Points- Miranda Bieghler-4, Aubrey Hill-2, Grace Burdge, Brianna Robinson & Chloe Custis 1 point each.

Aces- Brianna Robinson-1

Kills- Grace Burdge & Miranda Bieghler 3 each, Caitlin Capps-1

Blocks- Grace Burdge, Caitlin Capps & Aubrey Hill 1 each

Set assists- Chloe Custis-6, Miranda Bieghler- 1

Digs- Grace Burdge-7, Aubrey Hill & Brianna Robinson 2 each, Miranda Bieghler-1

JV fell to Northview in two sets with the scores of 6-25 & 17-25.

Points- Eva Hubbard-3, Karlie Maynor & Bree Mahoney-Sutherland 2 each, Abby Teipen & Brionna Egold 1 each.

Aces- Bree Mahoney-Sutherland-1

Kills- Brionna Egold & Abby Teipen 2 each, Karlie Maynor-1

Set assists- Abby Teipen- 3, Brionna Egold-2

Blocks-  Brionna Egold & Bree Mahoney-Sutherland 1 each

Digs- Gracie Nees- 8, Karlie Maynor-7, Eva Hubbard-5, Bree Mahoney-Sutherland-2, Saydee Proctor & Abby Teipen 1 each