Multiple Teams · Eagle Volleyball Wins against South Vermillion

The Lady Eagles fought hard and won three of five sets against South Vermillion!

South Putnam: 14, 12, 25, 25, 15

South Vermillion: 25, 25, 20, 19, 13

Points: Miranda Bieghler- 18, Grace Burdge- 11, Caitlin Capps & Brianna Robinson 10 each, Drew Bratcher-8, Chloe Custis-5, Abby Teipen-2

Aces: Miranda Bieghler, Grace Burdge & Drew Bratcher 2 each, Caitlin Capps & Chloe Custis 1 each

Kills: Caitlin Capps-5, Grace Burdge- 4, Miranda Bieghler-3, Drew Bratcher, Chloe Custis, & Aubrey Hill 1 each

Blocks: Aubrey Hill- 2, Caitlin Capps & Miranda Bieghler 1 each

Digs: Brianna Robinson- 14, Grace Burdge-9, Miranda Bieghler-6, Drew Bratcher & Caitlin Capps 4 each, Chloe Custis-3, Masey Chambers-2

Set assists: Chloe Custis-6, Miranda Bieghler-4, Abby Teipen-3, Grace Burdge-2


“I am very proud of the girls for playing with heart and not giving up after losing the first 2 varsity sets.  We came together as a team and made key plays.  It was great seeing the energy and the enthusiasm escalating from the players and our supportive fans throughout the night. The girls deserved tonight’s win!” Coach Custis


South Putnam JV beat South Vermillion in two sets!


South Putnam: 25, 25

South Vermillion: 22, 13


Points: Saydee Proctor-11, Chloe Custis-7, Brionna Egold, Bree Mahoney-Sutherland, & Abby Teipen 5 each, Gracie Nees-4, Eva Hubbard-2

Aces: Saydee Proctor- 4, Bree Mahoney-Sutherland & Gracie Nees 2 each, Chloe Custis & Brionna Egold 1 each.

Kills: Chloe Custis & Bree Mahoney-Sutherland 3 each, Brionna Egold & Abby Teipen 2 each

Digs: Gracie Nees- 14, Brionna Egold-9, Bree Mahoney-Sutherland- 7, Chloe Custis-6, Eva Hubbard- 4, Saydee Proctor-3, Abby Teipen-1

Set assists: Chloe Custis-7, Abby Teipen-3