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Going, Going, and Gone!

Anthony Baker


The Eagles home game against the Cascade Cadets started off  with a solid defense. The first 2 innings were a stalemate. Neither team would let the other score. It seemed as if every time a Cadet was up to bat, he either was struck out by pitcher Grady McHugh (later switched with Josh Stewart) or he was hitting a pop fly down the left side of the field (with Jake Carmichael catching the first pop fly of game at shortstop).


We all know that someone has to fumble the ball eventually. In the third inning, the Eagles’ infield started to bumble the ball around on plays to first. With those minor errors, the Cadets managed to score a total of 7 runs, but South Putnam did not go out without a fight.

The next bat the Eagles got some momentum back after senior, Wyatt Nees, hit a double. It seemed as if the underdogs were making a comeback and were going to come out victorious, especially after Tyler Long and Brandon Gierke hit two home runs almost consecutively.


Those two home runs were not enough to bring back a victory, though. The Cadets came out with a final score of 4-10. Although the Eagles did not come out successful, they did not give up after the Cadets pulled so far ahead and for that I congratulate them.